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Southern Dishes
1.Grilled chicken /ginger&garlic sauce
  9. Italian Ziti in Meat sauce
2. Sirloin/round roast beef tips in gravy
10. Cajun catfish baked or fried
3. Chicken fingers in honey  mustard sauce
11. Spaghetti & meat sauce (garlic bread)
4. Seafood Creole in Cajun red  sauce
12. Louisiana gumbo & rice
5. Fried, baked or chicken Parmesan
13. Seafood gumbo & rice
6. Braised pork chops
14. Chicken breast/ lemon pepper sauce
7. Grilled shrimp, chicken & vegetable    kabobs
15. Chicken breast in rosemary gravy*
8. Salisbury steak in onion gravy
16. Grilled barbequed chicken

Sides                                                                    Salads
1. Macaroni & Cheese
1. Mixed green salad
2. Black eye peas/Smoked Turkey
2. Five  bean salad
3. Collard greens
3. Bowtie pasta salad        
4. Sweet potato souffle/ yams
4. Cucumber salad
5. Roasted red potatoes
5. Potato salad
6. Garlic mashed potatoes
6. Pasta salad
7. Buttered broccoli
7. Mexican corn & black bean 
8. Southern corn pudding *
8. Caesar salad
9. Red cabbage & rice *
9. Greek Feta Cheese & Tomato
10. Rice & peas
11. Northern White bean & Rosemary*
12. Green beans/string beans
 * Signature Dishes
Meatballs in Cajun Sauce / BBQ*
Sweet potato Puffs
Shrimp salad on toast points
Spring Rolls
Pigs in Blanket
Cheese Puffs / Macaroni & cheese Squares
Miniature Spinach Pies
Tuna Sandwiches
Chicken salad in filo cups
Chicken Salad Sandwiches
Vegetables @ Meat Pies
Chicken Kabobs in Peanut Sauce
Miniature Crab Cakes
Shrimp or Chicken Kabobs
Hot Wings
Turkey & Cheese on croissants

Vegetable crudités & dip, Fruit Platter, Salad Platter, Cheese platters with crackers

DESSERTS: Banana pudding, Peach Cobbler, Sweet Potato Souffle, cup cakes, Cheese cakes
                    Sliced cakes, sheath cakes for special occasions

 BREAKFAST  $10.00 per person mix and match 6 items.  All additional items $1.00 per person.)
____Scrambled Eggs   ____Cheese Eggs       ____Grits     ____Cheese Grits          ____Home Fries
____Bacon     ____Sausage    ____Ham     ____Biscuits   ____Pancakes    ____French Toast
____Fresh Fruit (Whole)    ____Fresh Fruit Platter    ____Coffee    ____ Orange Juice    
____Bottled Water
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